"ARCADIA designworks LLC (A~dwrks) was founded by architect-industrial designer Patric Santerre and planner-designer Celeste Bard in 2003. A~dwrks provides planning and design services - challenge based creative thinking with three-dimensional results to corporations, organizations and individuals requiring design services involving land, buildings and manufactured consumer goods.On a daily basis, Patric, Celeste and their research, design and engineering consultants can be found working on plans for a multi-million dollar building while in the same day directing the development of a 3D printed model of a new product destined for manufacturing and commercial distribution. Patric and Celeste's combined experience of planning, architecture and industrial design has enhanced their ability to look beyond conventional design solutions to more progressive, smarter approaches to designing buildings and products respective of their clients needs, budget and a sustained health of our planet.Product design specialties: Architectural components, furniture, children's products, housewares, electronic accessories, outdoor equipment, filtration products, packaging and graphic instructional installations."

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