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Au pair Eco Technology Corporation Limited understands to fulfill the board commercialization of the eco resin -- pricing is the main issue and challenges; we also understand that we have to extend our efforts to the respective secondary processes as well in order to address the issue.

Therefore, a special Enhancement Plan group (EP) has been specially setting up to taking up on the challenge. Since the eco resin has the capabilities of injection molding (normal), injection molding (high heat), film and sheet, blowing molding, extrusion sheet, thermoforming and etc.

Therefore, EP members have to prerequisite with all these expertise and industrial engineering as well; as both deals with the concept of physics. And also, the members have to well-versed with the design and maintenance of mechanical devices, machine tools, precision tools and also engines.

Members of the EP will have to certify by a Committee chaired by the R&D director for their qualification of the task and a certification will then issue to them before putting into actions. However, before that, they are required to enter a non disclosure agreement with clauses are clearly spelt out with the company. The reason is to protect the interest of the secondary process marker for data handling by them are top secret for a company therefore its related documents are classified as top confidential documents in the company.

The EP members are then permitted by the company to train technicians of the respective secondary process markers who confirmed using the eco resin.

However, prior to this stage, the management of the secondary process marker has to be agreed and an EP Agreement is then signed. It is then a small group of EP members to attach to the particular secondary process marker for a week. It is to have a thorough study of its existing processes, machines & devices used and others with the secondary process maker¡¯s technicians or engineers. Thereafter, an Enhancement Plan (EP) is then submitted by the EP group to the top management for approval. Upon approval, the marketing director will submit the EP to the secondary process marker.

The completion of an EP will have to take about 1 ~ 2 months or even longer depending on the conditions and its complication.

On the implementation of the EP, the EP members have to plan a routine schedule to keep it in check and making sure that the EP is carrying out as planned.

It is then the issue has been addressed and the eco resin has being broadly commercialized.

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