Aurora Labs

Aurora Labs is the world’s first company producing an affordable 3D metal printer.The S-Titanium and the S-Titanium Pro are $24,999 AUD and $37,999 AUD respectively. These are our first printer models we have released since the all of the Kickstarter models were pre-ordered.The S-Titanium has a build dimension of 180mm x 180mm x 500mm and comes with parameters that allows users to print with Titanium powders. The S-Titanium Pro is an enhanced version of the S-Titanium with a larger build area (200mm x 200mm x 500mm) and 50% more power. This allows for larger parts to be printed with a faster build time.There will only be a limited number of printers available for pre-order; 40 x S-Titanium and 20 x S-Titanium Pro so get your orders in quick! Shipping is expected to begin around July 2015.

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