The Artificial Vision and Real-Time Systems (AViReS) Lab is an advanced research unit within theDepartment of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Udine (Italy).AViReS research is mainly focused on the areas of Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Real-Time Systems, with particular attention to: · Smart Security and Ambient Intelligence · Multimedia and Mobile Applications · Sensor NetworksKey AViReS initiatives currently underway include exploring the challenges of big data and cloud computing, analysing the impacts of social media platforms and investigating the potential applications ofsmart technologies to people security, health monitoring, learning environment and emergency and disaster context.The group has close links with national and international industries and research laboratories. The main sources of its research funding include the European Defence Agency (EDA), the European Union, the Italian Ministry for the University and Research (MIUR), the Italian Ministry for Defence (MoD) and national and international industries.

Range of Services

  • AR;computer vision;Italy;VR

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