Axis Prototypes

Axis Prototypes
Based in Canada, Axis Prototypes offers 3d printing and rapid prototyping services. Low cost parts manufacturing in multiple materials via SLA, DMLS, SLS, and FDM. In addition to its 3d printing services for the production of parts prototyping
Axis Prototypes

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Axis Prototypes provides 3d printing services  and rapid prototyping  for low-cost manufacturing operations across numerous market segments. Thermoplastic (polymer) prototypes can be delivered with 3-5 days whereas metallic parts printed in DMLS are delivered within 10-15 days, upon receiving a ready-to-print CAD file from the client.  Various post-printing options exist for the client, such electroplating, painting, and surface texturing. Need to print in metal? Review  its metal 3D printing services via DMLS.

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