Banneya London

"Banneya London is the world’s first 3D printed fine jewellery marketplace. The collections we are proud to present epitomise the most creative, vibrant and beautiful contemporary jewellery pieces sourced from our global community of designers. Banneya London brings to life a dazzling array of designs that can be customised, personalised and are all made to order.At Banneya London, you will only find beautiful pieces, carefully curated by our creative team, from the best designers across the world. Our technical team works closely with designers to translate their creative flair into intricate models which are then produced with great care by our technicians. Experts lovingly make each Banneya London piece of jewellery; we only use the most advanced technology to manufacture each item, our polishers have been trained in the best workshops in London and around the world, and our setters are at the forefront of their field working with the best tools of the trade. "

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