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As entrepreneurs at heart, we are proud to present. "BuildVolume".Build Volume is a young and enthusiastic company with the goal of making consumers and semi-professionals 3D printing accessible.You can contact us via our webshop or you make an appointment in our showroom for a personal guidance of your choice.Build Volume is all about bringing 3D printing into the life of regular people. Due to the fast development of 3D printers, 3D scanners and modeling software, 3D printing is becoming more and more interesting and affordable for personal users. With 3D printing, "everything" is possible: tools and gimmicks for your household, toys for your kids, promotional gifts or nice decoration for your desk, just to name some of the possibilities. Build Volume offers you a steadily growing selection of everything you need for your own 3D printing projects.We provide you with a huge variety of products, from the DIY-Kit to build your 3D printer or scanner yourself, to the fully assembled stand-alone machineYou can just unpack, adjust and start printing with. Also the materials we offer are everything you need for your FDM-printer(fused deposition modeling). If you are searching for rigid ABS plastic, biodegradable PLA or specialized filament from nylon polymer, Build Volume is the right address for your request. And if your current filament has reached its limitations, why don't you try the Taulman 618 or 645 Nylon filament made in USA?We still don't offer your favorite 3D product? Just contact us!We still don't offer your favorite 3D product? Just contact us! We are trying to stay on top of all the new revolutionary developments in 3D printing but of course, we don't have the all seeing eye.By the way, we are collecting the most important news about 3D printing in our own 3D blog.

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