Cannybots are smart toy robots that can be controlled and programmed from a phone or a tablet. This engaging toy brings kids play time out of their tablets and back into the real world. It also introduces kids to Programming, 3D Printing and Robotics through play.  Cannybots can be used in a large number of play scenarios, such as –Racing, Sumo Wrestling, Jousting, Maze solving and other puzzle games. There is a dedicated phone app and track design for each game play. Customer can print the tracks at home or use the large format tracks that we supply. It is also possible to make a large track by printing segments of A4 sheets. The bots work by following black lines and colored mark printed on the track. Cannybots can be programmed from a Phone or a Tablet using a simple, intuitive app called CannyTalk. It is a Natural Language based programming interface using which you can program the robot in plain simple English. It eliminates the complex Syntax found with other programming languages thus making it easy for kids to get started.   Cannybots designs are open source, free and 3D Printable. You can easily customize the design using free, browser based CAD software from our partner Autodesk. The customized designs can be 3D printed using any ordinary home 3D printer.Cannybots2

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