DarkSide Studio

We offer some of the worlds nicest masks at a decent price. We also offer some of the best customer service that you can find! They call me DarkSide Paul. I started DarkSide Studios back in 1995 out of my garage and laundry room in my house. Since then we have moved into a bigger studio that can accommodate larger production. Pretty much, we are one of the first mask sites that appeared on the web, I guess that is something to be proud of. I, along with a small production team, produce the stuff that you find on this site. Everything is produced here, so I over- see all of the pieces. I also personally check, everything that leaves here, that it is of the highest quality. For the most part I am a one man show. I do most of everything. My wife Kim, does the business book work, which keeps her pretty busy. My twin Sons, Scott and Chris, help out in the busy season with painting and hairing. I have two other children who would be upset if I didn’t mention them (Hi Marriah and Jake)!! They are 15 and 9. We also like to carry lots of different types of artists work. It makes for a great variety and some cool stuff. Special thanks to the wonderful sculptors that help us create such a wide array of mask each and every year.

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