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Dental 3D Solutions was created to provide open architecture manufacturing technologies to Dental Labs and Clinics. Dental 3D Solutions brings over 30 years of Dental expertise combined with 30 years of equipment solutions to provide our customers open ended, cost effective manufacturing solutions. At Dental 3D Solutions we understand the frustrations and barriers that labs and clinics experience with the closed architecture systems.

We live in a three dimensional world, but for years dentistry has operated in a two dimension manual environment The future of Dentistry is rapidly converting from the manual process to digital technology. Dental 3D Solutions provides customized digital solutions that allows a Lab or Clinic to convert without frustration or anxiety. We customize your solution to meet your needs based on your size and budget. Dental 3D Solutions , with our Dental expertise, evaluates your current environment and customizes a solution that will allow you to grow with the constant changes. Labs and Clinics no longer have to be hand cuffed by the large manufactures, because our custom packages and services will allow you to compete and keep up with today’s technology.

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