Design for Craft

Design for Craft is a Design and Production Lab for technological handcraft. It was founded in the early 2013 by Carlo De Mattia and Emilio Antinori with the help of Vincenzo Franchino.For companies and enterprises we provide:
  • design research;
  • industrial design;
  • product engineering;
  • 3D modeling, 3D scanning and rendering;
  • rapid prototyping;
  • R&D for 3D printing materials and technology.
For people we:
  • support self-production, as a practice to create sustainable products, useful and unique;
  • promote the Open Design, a process in which people, resources and business realities, local and global, interact to create value;
  • provide personal productions and 3d printing “on demand”.
Design for Craft is constantly searching for innovation in digital manufacturing; we created the brand STICK FILAMENT for achieve a wide range of innovative materials for FFF 3D printing.For any information, please, write us here:

Range of Services

  • Italy

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