Devoteq is a company started in 2012 by two Dutch mechanical engineers, Tim Wesselink and Lucas van Leeuwen.The high demand for technical services and the general shortage of engineers, has given us the opportunity to further develop our ambitions; and led us to startup the company Devoteq. It is our purpose to market our technical knowledge, capacity and experience in a professional and reliable manner.Projects in the areas of manufacturing, precision engineering, product development, offshore and engineering. We have created a solid base of knowledge and experience for our business. Abroad experience in Asia, has given us insight into the international business. We were able to execute projects as interns and as starting consultants in both China and India.We try to be passionate professional entrepreneurs who systematically and thoroughly operate. Our work ethic leads us to create robust, high-quality designs and finished products which we fully support. The drive towards a constant and challenging learning curve, leads us in new ways and to new ideas & solutions. The ongoing process of reflection and evaluation of our actions, gives us overview and structure in the implementation of projects. Thus we are able to oversee complex projects and lead them to the desired final outcome.Devoteq launched the 3devo NEXT 1.0 desktop filament extruder in 2015.

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