Earthrise Space Foundation


The Earthrise Space Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit founded in 2008 by President & COO Ruben Nunez, with the purpose of providing students with experience in STEM related activities building spacecraft and spacecraft systems.

ESF's efforts involve professionals from the aerospace industry working with aspiring engineers through challenging ventures, preparing them for future employment in a new space career.

Our vision

It is our belief that the skills and knowledge gained from this unique experience will provide students with a significant advantage as they enter the workforce and seek high-tech jobs n aerospace or related industries. ESF allows students to take on the responsibility of designing and building complex spacecraft systems. The company forces them to work together with other students, company management and senior engineering advisers and experts in a fast paced, multidisciplinary environment. Students  must satisfy challenging engineering constraints and manage customer requirements. They are encouraged to innovate and explore, and to learn from and overcome mistakes that are made along the way. These efforts provide the students with critical real-world experience unavailable to them from the classroom or through internships with large corporations.

ESF is excited to be a part of this game changing time in space exploration, where government ventures are being supplemented and in some cases, completely replaced by private, entrepreneurial "New Space" companies. This brainstorming era is seeing the development of new innovations, breakthroughs and capabilities which are enabling and driving forward commercial exploration and the development of space. Through participation in many projects, ESF intends to expose students to this new industry, while providing them with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to actively make a difference in it. Humanity is on a path to the stars, and ESF is doing its part to help advance us further.

Range of Services

  • Google Lunar X Prize;Space;USA

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