Engine Design Studios

"‘Engine Design Studios’ is a Trinidad + Tobago, research based, provider of products and services in direction + design. We take the time to understand the needs of our clients and create effective platforms to establish memorable brand identities.Founded in 2013, the Company evolved through three phases of organizational restructuring. In early 2015, due to expansion in operations the studio set up shop in the creative hub of Belmont, at what was previously known to the public as the ‘Granderson Brothers’ Printery.’The team is comprised of leaders who are driven to produce quality work in accordance with high ethical standards. ‘Engine Design Studios’ engages transparent methods in an open and collaborative environment. This encourages the development of concepts in monitored systems, towards customer satisfaction.The studio seeks to find sustainable harmony between its corporate and social responsibilities. The team has successfully organised a series of strategized campaigns in community based activism and social programmes. "

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