ENI Versalis

Versalis is the Eni chemical company has been leading the market in a host of businesses such as plastics and rubbers, and has recently been focusing on the bio-based business.With production levels of 6 million tonnes and a turnover of € 6 billion in 2013, in particular, the company holds market stewardship in manufacturing:Intermediates Polyethylene Styrenics Elastomers We pride ourselves on a wide range of proprietary technologies, an R&D keeping pace with the industry evolution, a comprehensive product portfolio, a wide-reaching distribution network, customized solutions and after-sales assistance.To expand our presence on a global scale, particularly towards new markets, we have developed an internationalization process focusing on making the most of all possible opportunities in order to create synergies while maintaining our constant commitment towards quality and sustainable development for the environment and the communities in the surroundings of our plants.In line with Versalis’ corporate culture, one of our important goals is to keep on meeting our customers’ requirements and making our company more and more sustainable and competitive.We pursue these goals through product innovation, being constantly focused on safety and lower energy consumption and on the safeguard of human resources and the surroundings outside our plants.

The Business of 3D Printing is Evolving

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