About "The Large Format 3D Printing ErectorBot" LineWe may accommodate custom sizes upon request if you find our standard sizes do not suit your requirements.ErectorBot sizes are the heat bed dimension or (Build Volume). Actual machine sizes are generally 2ft longer and 1 -1.5 foot wider than the heat table depending on which model you choose. We maintain a 1 inch margin around the heat table along with additional zone of extruder dump space.Our Bots are MADE in the USA of high quality materials. Starting with our robust open gantry design constructed of T.I.G. welded 6063/T52 Aluminum makes for a long lasting reliable unit. We use proper CNC drivers and steppers with more than enough power and cooling to get even the longest, toughest jobs done. Our upper end electronics are open source and upgradable to adapt with up and coming technology with ease. Alternately each machine can be run with PC card and is 4th axis ready when software catches up... soon. Our favored tool chain,  Arduino,Marlin, Repetier Host, Slic3r ,yet is comapatable with all..A redundancy must, each machine consists of multiple power supplies providing smooth axis reliability, along with a 200 amp 12 volt auxiliary reserve used for heat beds along with any other accessories process could require.Our gantry design allows our build volume to be twice that of a conventional moving bed design. (We use all build space unlike the smaller machines) This means that we can keep the part absolutely still as the print grows. The consistent change of weight dynamics are a thing of the past on our gantry machines. Furthermore the use of the 4th axis is complimented by this system, as we adopt our rotating base table.We pay special attention to every detail during assembly. Each bot is fully assembled and tested as they print their own garnishes and covers, to then be cleaned and prepped for shipping.With the understanding that all tasks are different please feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns. We are developing new process every day, with over 30 years in the rapid prototyping industry our engineers and designers are willing to to assist with your process to get the most out of your Erectorbot.

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