Fab Lab Puebla

"The FabLab located in the IDIT (Institute of Design and Technological Innovation) Puebla Iberoamerican University, is a space to inspire people and entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into new products and prototypes by accessing a wide range of equipment digital manufacturing technology.Born from a simple idea incubated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology by the inventor and scientist, Neil Gershenfeld: Provide the ecosystem, skills, advanced materials and technologies to do things cheaply and quickly anywhere in the world and make it available locally to entrepreneurs, students, artists, small businesses and in fact, to anyone who wants to create something new or FabLab Puebla medida.El inserted purely academic laboratories Ibero Puebla in a collaborative environment to SMEs and entrepreneurs for creating shared value to society.FabLab Puebla closes the circle of services of the Institute of Design and Technological Innovation (IDIT) of the Ibero Puebla, which is a part. With the FabLab, the IDIT strengthens incubators in addition to other services provided by the poblano productive sector."

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