Fab Lab Region Nürnberg

"The Fab Lab is supported by the non-profit association eV Fab Lab Region Nuremberg. The association's goal is to inspire so many people as possible for a creative use of technology. Here are some of the core elements of our concept: 1) access to the Workshop of the Future All projects use modern computer-aided tools of Fab Labs. Participants will receive as a first access to technologies that represent the future in many areas of design and manufacturing. In Fab Lab tools such as laser cutter to a broad public for the first time easily accessible. 2) Flat learning curve - Rapid success The use of tools is easy to learn for all ages. Ideas can be implemented immediately, a sense of achievement provide a fast. 3) technology as a medium for creative content The Fab Lab Region Nuremberg is the thematic focus of its own projects and workshops on the implementation of projects in creative fields such as design, art, performing arts, music, games, etc. 4) exciting and fun formats Through a wide range of exciting activities the Fab Lab is medium offer something for everyone: Open Workshop days for small projects, long-term supervised courses, school workshops, 48h projects like Game Jams etc. All events of the Fab Lab should be fun and be playful with much energy presents. Celebrate 5) success Of course, the social component and the fun can not be neglected. After completed projects will be presented and celebrated on special events with all the friends and relatives who own successes. 6) Do good and talk about it To include the participation in existing competitions or aim to present their own project results at local level (eg on the Long Night of Science, The blue night) or even on international platforms such as the Ars Electronica. 7) Part of an international network The first Fab Lab was launched by the Center for Bits and Atoms at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) launched in 2002. Hosted by the MIT, an international network of more than 50 active Fab Labs developed - and rising. In addition to the labs in the United States there are more in the Netherlands, Iceland, Norway, Spain, Costa Rica, Colombia, Afghanistan, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and India, etc. (since the end of 2009 and one in Aachen, Germany, and now in the Region Nuremberg). Through the network, the participants of the events and workshops always have access to experts in all areas of digital production in all possible applications. "

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