Fab Lab Terni

FabLab Terni was born in November 2013 and is an open association of people convinced that collaboration is a VALUE and THE BEST STRATEGY to make cose.Nasce idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinnovative start-up Green Tales ISRL which opened the doors to makers, engineers, architects, programmers, designers, artisans, enthusiasts to share their skills in order to give life to their projects materially. Green Tales ISRL provides its machinery and technology available at the FabLab of Terni, located in Casale 4 machines where people ideas and approaches you can mix the liberamente.Spesso FABlabTR also functions as a hub of expertise, where People who go there are among others the skills that are lacking to implement their projects. In this sense FABlabTR seeks to facilitate horizontal exchanges of skills and capacity among people.

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