Fablab Danmark

"In FabLab Denmark we want to give ordinary people access to digital manufacturing technology. It can use to realize their ideas using machines that until recently was reserved for professionals; including 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC machines. We are working actively and practical innovation through prototyping, product development and idea generation. In addition to conducting and participating in development we have experience in making workshops, team building and teaching focused on innovation, creativity and prototyping.To call itself a FabLab should be respected MIT's Fab charter describing the ideology of FabLab movement. We take the Charter seriously and try to live it, which means that we exchange for free access to Fablabs machines expect you talk about what you use them for. It also means that all helps to make the FabLab little (or a lot) better and take care of the facilities. Read Fab Charter here.We also operate the project Fabschool where students complete innovation process from idea to physical product. "

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