FabLab Kannai

"The FabLab (Fab Lab) is a citizen workshop that aims to make full use of the electronic work equipment such as 3D printers and cutting machines to create a ""almost everything"". FabLab Kannai on August 26, 2013, was opened in the share office in mid-Yokohama District ""Sakura WORKS "". Still, equipment is small and even operating system program also Although it is unfinished, while performing a test run, we will continue to develop a system or program. So, if you are interested interested in new technology and manufacturing, who are wanted to try to use the FabLab Kannai, and we would like to make this place with such everybody.To listen to the citizens of thoughts and desire to gather in FabLab, and explore the possibility of new machines and FabLab. Are stacked one by one activity together and everyone is going to walk the completion of the process of FabLab is our wish.Management is doing is the NPO Yokohama community design lab."

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