"In Japan, a FabLab Shibuya from FabLab Kamakura and FabLab Tsukuba, 2012 years since 2011, in which open in succession is FabLab in the Kanto, members from January 2012 as ""the FabLab in Kansai!"" Volunteers, discussion We made a place ""FabFoo Kansai"". Nearly meetings and the face together in the month, while through the exchange in Facebook of public groups, to advance the management of how and where, such as the selection of machine tools, the gentle consideration while published almost all of the information that has been discussed It had. Meanwhile, talk of the concrete base is lifted, in September 2012 that the story has moved. In ""DESIGNEAST 03"", which was held in Namura Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. site in Kitakagaya Osaka Suminoe Ward, took the opportunity who can introduce is to the efforts of ""FabFoo Kansai"". That there is also a new partner with our lobbying gathered in the place, from the beginning of the year of 2013, as a ""FabLab Kitakagaya"", it has decided to set up a base in collaboration studio ""Corporate Kitakagaya"" in here Kitakagaya."

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