FabLab Lisboa

"Digital manufacturing and prototyping laboratory in order to support creativity and the development of new collaborative projects through access to equipment and knowledge.fablab noun img ""Fab Lab"" is the abbreviated term ""Fabrication laboratory"", created by Professor Neil Gershenfeld, director of the Center for Bits and Atoms at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, through discipline ""How to do (almost) anything."" A Fab Lab is a fabrication laboratory that aims to democratize access to personal and collaborative inventions through digital technologies to create ""almost everything"".The international network of Fab Labs aims to provide digital manufacturing sites and prototyping accessible to the general public. Through tools and similar techniques, people with common goals can collaborate, making the network itself grows and the community is the necessary support for independent projects.The FabLab Lisbon is equipped with a set of fairly accessible and reliable tools such as small and large milling machines, laser cutting machines and vinyl cutting, 3D printer is serviced with computers and their computer programming tools supported by CAD and CAM software.The methodology is ""learn by doing"" starting on digital project design by the author and materialize it in the equipment available at the Fab Lab site. Just book the equipment available in the FabLab Lisbon and come to develop your project."

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