FabLab Robert-Houdin

"Conceived originally in the US in the late 90s, in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the concept of FabLab, whose name is a contraction of ""laboratory manufacturing "", has spread within the United States before spreading for some years in other countries, especially European.The FabLabs are open to the public spaces, equipped with machines to perform of items: laser cutting, milling, cutting cardboard, vinyl, 3D printers, machines sewing production of printed circuits, etc. They allow at virtually no cost to the visitor, discover and share ideas and knowledge, including technical, with easy access through the use of CNC tools. As such, they attract handymen, designers, engineers, geeks, electronic engineers, the robotics enthusiasts looking to carry out projects on their own or in collaboration with others, and who can perform at home or in their workplace. "

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