FabLab Shibuya

"FabLab Shibuya was to start working as domestic third FabLab. Place the base to share the office of co-lab Shibuya studio, it has operated as an experimental workshop that is open to a variety of users. 3D printers and laser cutAs well as open to digital fabrication equipment widely citizens such as tar, event planning and management and of such workshops and hackathon, we have also received production orders to meet your needs. co-lab in Shibuya residents and designToner, architect, photo / video parties have many tenants, creative exchanges have been actively carried out. In addition, with the aim of sustainable activities of FabLab Shibuya, it was established the ""Institute digital fabrication Association"" in October 2014. While tied awareness resulting from the activities of FabLab Shibuya in business, we are committed to creating mechanisms to integrate into the life of the ""FabLab"". On the basis of the revenue obtained in this business, we operate a FabLab Shibuya."

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