"FabLabIL is a community-based digital manufacturing laboratory, collaboration between the Design department at COMAS (College of Management Academic Studies) and the Israeli Center for Digital Art in Holon. The lab is the fabulous setting for realizing dreams in concrete materials, in a variety of implementing methods that connect the virtual and the physical: from CNC manufacturing to 3D printing and electronics. As part of a global network of laboratories founded by the Center of Bits and Atoms at MIT, FablabIL is a new approach to current technologies. Open code, information exchange and fabrication means being accessible to wide audiences, experimental and free access to working with digital tools. FablabIL offers a new space for creation, with room for innovation, entrepreneurial and inter-disciplinary creativity. The FablabIL is a call for transformation from consumerism to fabrication. in a world of ever growing consumers taking responsibility for the environment and community in an active, entrepreneurial and productive manner, is essential. This is the way to confer and teach the skills we need for the 21st century: in technology, in entrepreneurship, in creativity, based on an inter-disciplinary approach. This is an opportunity to be part of an international community, while giving unique local interpretation in the creation of a local community. "

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