FEMTOprint is a Swiss company which develops, produces and distributes the unique and innovative FEMTOPRINT technology and all the necessary tools for a cost-effective 3D micro-fabrication and -inscription with high precision, resolution and reliability. The company supports and trains the Customers worldwide to easily, safely and successfully produce their own micro-devices. Together with our Customers, we develop application solutions to meet their needs. FEMTOprint also supports the Customers with the design and the production of 3D prototypes and small series of micro-devices. Based on their needs, FEMTOprint develops High-End equipment and tools for specific applications. The company is able to integrate multi features in a single substrate for a wide range of applications at micro-scale. Photonics, micro- and optofluidics, micro-optics and optoelectronic, biomedical, micro rapid prototyping, marking and counterfeiting are some of the segments covered.

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