" is the leading distributor of 3D printing materials in Canada. Our approved supplier list includes both local and international suppliers. All our incoming and outgoing shipments go through rigorous quality inspections to ensure all material conform to our and our customers' requirements. We focus mostly on the most popular materials such as PLA, ABS etc. We try to have as large variety as possible based on the popularity of the material/s. We are a local Toronto based company. Products sold through our online store are sold directly by (no middleman), and shipped from our Toronto or Vaughan warehouse. Our online store features our own products which are made from 100% virgin materials as well as products from other manufacturers. We also operate a separate material recycling program and encourage all out customers to bring us back any unused, unwanted, leftovers and scrap 3D printing materials, spools, etc. We have wholesale pricing available as well as special pricing for educational research & development purposes. "

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