Frankenstein Garage

"Since 2011 Frankenstein Garage provides training, workshops and events to promote the culture of the maker in Italy.Initially born with the idea of ​​opening a fab lab in Milan, the project has changed over time in the face of a very simple observation: the best way to make an impact is to help people to have an impact.For this reason, and to provide training courses and work together for the realization of events and conferences, we also wrote ""The Manual Maker"" (which was also conducted an international version for Media Maker), a text that practical and concrete we hope will be helpful to those who want to enter the wonderful world of the makers, and ""3D Printing - Complete"", the most comprehensive manual that wants to meet the 3D printing or deepen their knowledge.From 2014 we are curators of the series Made for Makers of LSWR Editions, a necklace that reflects the experience of makers experts who share their knowledge to help other makers to make the wonderful journey to the (re) discovery of the building."

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