"Young people today grow up in a whole new society, 21st Century: a knowledge society where media and technology play a major role. new (technical) possibilities. Nowadays, anyone can design and manufacture. Knowledge, equipment and materials needed are just not available everywhere. FabLabs jump into this.A FabLab is a maker space, a high-tech production place, where everyone can develop creative ideas and concepts to prototypes and products. It is knowledge in a practical sense: it is manufactured. An opportunity for libraries, but also for education and entrepreneurial Friesland.Therefore Library Service Friesland is focused on the development of the FryskLab, the mobile variant of a FabLab. A FabLab which we want to encourage skills needed for tomorrow's world: creativity, entrepreneurship, collaboration and problem solving skills.We stabbing in a connection with the existing economic infrastructure in the fields of water, renewable energy and creative manufacturing industry and would thus give a boost to the provincial ambition of SMEs to innovate sustainably."

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