German RepRap GmbH

"The German RepRap GmbH, headquartered in Feldkirchen b. Munich was originally founded as a German RepRap Foundation (GRRF) of 2010. Since then, the company develops and sells 3D printers based on RepRap technology (Fused Filament Fabrication) and 3D scanners, filaments, software and accessories. German RepRap was the first company in Germany, which brought to the market with the X400 a RepRap-based Greater 3D printer for professional users.The product line is constantly expanding and includes 3D printers for professional use in the fields of product development, prototyping, model and mold making, architecture and design, 3D printer kits for tech-savvy users as well as prefabricated units for private use. Its customers include large industrial companies, designers, architects, artists, mold makers, universities, hobby modellers and other private users worldwide. "

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