Go2 Publishing & Advertising

"We are a factory, a factory that makes media & marketing products. No matter what department you are in, you are in the business of making these products. Although there are aspects of service in everything we do for our clients, we don’t think of this as a service business. Some advertising agencies, perhaps even one you’ve worked for, do describe it that way. And maybe that’s why they are so willing to create faulty advertising if that's what their client wants. We call that malicious obedience. Our dedication to creating a strong product has to be even stronger than most manufacturing companies. People who work at car companies know that the car they will build today will be exactly like the car they built yesterday. That’s not the case with us. What we did yesterday has no bearing on what well do today. Some days we’re pretty good. Other days, we’re an unstoppable force. The trick is to string together more of the latter. To be successful, we have to approach every single day like it will be our defining moment. Because that is the reality. "

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