Founded in 2009, Growthobjects is a design and engineering group focused on the generation of proposals through Direct Digital Manufacturing (specialized in Additive Manufacturing & 3D printing), using centered solutions on highly complex natural geometries, computational tools, customization, among other lines of interdisciplinary research. Its works have been selected to be present in fairs, exhibitions and lectures of international scope, and we have given lectures and workshops in universities and design centres. In 2011, Growthobjects was invited as speaker to the 6th International Conference on Additive Manufacturing, at Loughborough University (UK). Growthobjects shares its ability for conceptualization, design and development of projects and products with over 12 years experience in the use and management of direct digital manufacturing technologies. Its customized design solutions can satisfy all requirements of broad and heterogeneous market, bringing an added value while spawning new objects that are created, grown and made digitally.
Growthobjects innovates on customized design and biomimetic engineering solutions through Additive Manufacturing & 3D printing, providing new strategies and solutions in design and product development.

Range of Services

  • customized design
  • biomimetic engineering
  • custom projects
  • bespoke products
  • generative jewelry

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