Hulotech 3D Printing Solutions

"Hulotech is a company that focuses on the services sector in the 3D Printing (also referred to as AM or additive manufacturing).Hulotech has over 12 years experience in the design of complex 3D models through advanced 3D CAD software. Through years of knowledge and experience within the high-tech manufacturing (Medical, defense and industrial sector) we can for our customers to be a good partner in the support or solve their problem.Hulotech is a flexible company which has a high degree of innovation in its program of priorities. The focus on service and quality standard is high, as well as high reliability. We will make every effort to achieve the objectives of our clients.Our focus is on prototyping and small production series with a high variation (low-volume, high-mix, high-complexity) With all these aspects, we aim to be a reliable partner in a long-term relationship where both the customer and Hulotech may develop in to an even higher standard."

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