Jinyoung (Xiamen) Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd

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Different from the traditional new material enterprises, Jintao (Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd. has a unique business model: to create business platform, the use of Internet tools, new materials field of products and services provider. This is an era of "public entrepreneurship and innovation". Jindu Industrial builds a nest to lead the phoenix and builds a pioneering platform covering an area of ​​300 mu in Xiamen in the first phase. With its unique mechanism, it attracts talents in the field of new materials in the country and even in the world to start a business. It also provides all the entrepreneurs in this platform with Including funding, research and development, testing, manufacturing, purchasing, logistics, branding, information, training, etc. A full range of support. This is an era of "Internet +". KK will build one of the largest internet open innovation platforms and one of the largest online shopping mall in the field of new materials and create O2O in the field of new materials through online communication, offline cooperation, online sales and offline service Online interaction) mode. Relying on such "Internet + business platform," KINO provides a comprehensive solution to the ecosystem of new materials, from online to offline and from product to service. Our customers cover automotive, home appliances, sanitary ware, electrical and electronic fields. Jinlv new materials, create a new ecological industry, shaping the new king of the industry.

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