Juno Design

Juno Design
Juno Design is your local partner to develop hi-quality products.

Profile Description

Juno Design is a company active in rapid prototyping, transforming ideas into original products ready for serial production.

If JUNO were a person he or she would be an inventor, with an open mind and an amplified vision of reality, able to face any project with a proactive spirit, in order to optimize the productive workflow.

We are a pioneering company in Italy for use of 3D printing technologies, with over 20 years of networking with qualified partners. We are able to create any type of prototype, quickly and with guaranteed aesthetic qualities.

JUNO, is also MakerBot Authorized Partner Professional and has access to the best Rapid PrototypingReverse Engineering and CAD technologies such as Stratasys, FARO, PTC.


Spin-Off By Studio Pedrini

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