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Its premier product is the Fabber M11, an FFF/FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printer with advanced features:

  • All-metal construction: the case is made of metal, stainless steel and a 3mm aluminum shell.
  • A fully-enclosed build chamber, essential for printing large objects with ABS. It has a mounting point for a HEPA filter or an air extractor.
  • Very large build area: 350mm by 200mm base, by 300 mm tall. It’s a full 21 liters of build volume! For comparison a Makerbot Replicator 2 5th gen printer has only 7.52 liters.
  • Direct-drive extruder: a 1.75mm geared extruder capable of printing any plastic, including nylon and flexible plastics.
  • All metal stainless steel hotend: actively cooled, with no PTFE, it’s capable of printing up to 300ºC.
  • 32 bits electronics control board: featuring the Smoothieboard 4XC, an ARM-Cortex M3 micro-controller, running at 120 MHz.
  • CoreXY kinematics: the parallel kinematics mean that the motors, typically the largest source of inertia on the XY stage, are stationary. This permits rapid accelerations.
  • Auto-levelling and auto-calibration using an industrial sensor.  No knobs to calibrate by hand. The objects will always be perpendicular to the platform.
  • Internal lighting
  • End-of-filament sensor: the machine will pause and keep the heated bed on, allowing you to change the spool and continue printing.
  • Magnetically attached build platform: 3mm mirrored glass, no clips involved
  • Adjustable spool holder: an size spool will work
  • Filament cleaner: intake will prevent dust from entering the hotend.
  • Dual voltage capability: 110V-60Hz,  220V-50Hz
  • Anti-backlash recirculating ballscrew, 12mm: high precision
  • 12mm linear guides, hardened chrome steel
  • Works in 3 languages: English, Spanish or Portuguese
  • On-screen STL preview, when used with our free Slic3r plugin.

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