Livrea Yacht

Livrea Yacht
When the first shipwrights of the small island of Pantelleria began to craft the earliest sailing launches they certainly did not have the ultimate exotic materials available today for Livrea 26. They used mulberry wood for the keel and sea pine for the planking. Today Livrea 26 is state of the art of technology, not only for the understated use of carbon and kevlar, but mostly because it is the first launch in the world that uses 3D printing technology to model its own items. Thanks to the partnership with CRP Group, a leading compay in high precision CNC machining and 3D Printing technology, with their Windform laser sintering materials, Livrea Yacht Italia team was able to build a boat which reflects a modern/classic style which respects classic and state of the art technologies while harmonizing old fashioned technology with ultimate Hi-tech solutions. Livrea's 26 feet long launch includes the best of the know-how, design, engineering and quality of the made in Italy craftsmanship, making it a speedy, comfortable and elegant day sailer.

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