"LUUV is the world's first plug&play camera stabilizer for action cameras, smartphones and compact digital cameras. LUUV allows you to shoot steady footage whenever and wherever you want - simple and reliable.Have you ever tried to shoot a video with your smartphone? Or attempted to capture your holiday adventures with your GoPro? If so, we know what your video is going to look like: Shaky like an earthquake and you probably don't want to share it with your friends. These times are over now, because LUUV killed the shaky videostar!By mounting a camera onto LUUV, everybody is able to shoot smooth and shake-free videos. LUUV combines the advanced professional technology of steadycams with a ease of use never experienced before. This makes LUUV a stabilizer to be used by pros and rookies in the same way, be it during high-speed sports or everyday activities. German engineering meets Berlin lifestyle."

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