Maker City LA

"Maker City LA, a workspace collective for creative businesses, makers, and entrepreneurs, is housed on the 11th floor of The Reef in downtown Los Angeles. We are dedicated to serving the needs of LA’s creative community by providing inspiring workspace, essential tools of the trade, classes, unique events, and a collaborative environment – all in one place. We believe that certain places are hotbeds of creativity and beauty. These hotbeds are overflowing with diversity and a bit of chaos, but they provide a magical energy that fuels wild thoughts and big dreams. We are such a place. Our mission is to foster a hotbed of innovation that serves, inspires and supports the artists, designers, thinkers, influencers, and makers of Los Angeles. We are passionate about creating a community-centered workspace that provides the space that creators need to be successful today. Inspired affordable space: co-working, creative offices, event space Media Lab: green screen, photo studio, podcast studio The Atelier: designer work tables, textile studio Events and edutainment: launch parties, workshops, industry mixers, panels/salons Community: artists, designers, independent film/media professionals, start-ups, innovative small companies, educational campuses and more A culture of generosity that encourages sharing knowledge, experimentation and collaboration!"

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