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Manubim is an innovative site where anybody can create their own customized 3D printed products with a web based application. We offer predefined basic 3D models what customers can personalize with writing texts, engrave, emboss, colorize or changing dimensions. Buyers can choose from different printing materials and they get an instant pricing quote. The custom 3D product will be materialized then shipped anywhere.
Let's Customize at Manubim

Profile Description

Manubim’s mission is to create an online platform that will help bring everyone closer to the ever-expanding possibilities of 3D printing. We believe you do not have to be a professional 3D modeler neither you need your own 3D printer to be able to participate in this dynamically developing world. With our online 3D product configurator, you can create custom products and gifts for yourself, your friends, or even your business customers which we materialize with 3D printers and shipping to you.

Range of Services

  • 3D Printed Customized Products
  • Consumer Products
  • 3D Printed Marketplace
  • Manubim

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