"Metamason's flagship products are the ‘Respere Secure™’ CPAP Mask & the ‘Respere Freedom™’ CPAP Adapter, targeting the $17B sleep apnea treatment industry.Our custom fit Secure™ Mask alleviates the leakage, fit, and connection issues plaguing current nasal pillow masks by creating a perfect seal with the patient’s nostril. Metamason applies proprietary parametric algorithms to a 3D scan of the patient’s nose, then 3D prints tooling, yielding a perfectly custom silicone mask with our proprietary 'nasal fittings.'The Freedom™ adapter relocates the CPAP tube from in front of the patient’s face—where it is a nuisance, eyesore, and contributes to leakage by pulling on the mask—to the crown of the head, where it is out of the way and discreet. Accomplished using a ‘Nike Air’ style network of tubes to carry air along the side of the face and head."

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