MX3D is a highly innovative company that developed a groundbreaking additive manufacturing method. We can 3D print metals and resin in mid-air, without the need for support structures.

We believe that we are at the beginning of a revolution: digital design and fabrication are changing rapidly. The possibilities are endless. With our MX3D Bridge project we will showcase how digital fabrication is finally entering the world of large scale, functional objects made of durable materials.

MX3D is an R&D startup. MX3D invented an affordable multiple axis 3D printing tool; in 2014, we equipped an industrial robot with an advanced welding machine and developed software to control it. It allows us to 3D print strong, complex structures out of sustainable material (metals, resin) in virtually any size or shape.

We found the perfect R&D partners and sponsors. Together we are ready to 3D print the first fully functional steel bridge in the world to put our revolutionary technology to the test.

We offer creative robotic manufacturing solutions that will transform Arts and Industry. Digital manufacturing like this is still unexplored territory and leads to a new form language, an aesthetic freedom. We are able to print custom, complex shapes.

And it might transform processes at construction sites as they are now.

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