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Nascent Objects is the world’s first Modular Consumer Electronics platform and Marketplace. With Nascent Modules and Shapes, products can be upgraded and customized so consumers have more use and innovation out of consumer electronics products for a fraction of the cost. Current modular systems have been limited to single product categories. Through Nascent’s technology, the benefits of modularity are expanded across multiple types of consumer electronics and Internet of Things product categories.Nascent enables creators to build new products in a matter of days using Nascent’s platform which combines hardware design, 3D printed circuitry and modular electronics in one simple, turn-key tool. These products are offered through Nascent’s marketplace, giving consumers access to an unlimited, cost-efficient way to obtain the latest consumer electronics products.To ensure the freshest consumer electronics products are available to consumers, Nascent is working with design schools, engineers, brands and product developers who are bringing their amazing ideas to life with Nascent’s Modules and Shapes. For more information, please visit

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