"OLA is a Belgian jewelry brand that came about from a fascination with new innovative technologies and a passion for jewelry creation. OLA is a combination of both; 3d printing and design.OLA is available at 70+ stores, distributed over 10 countries including Germany, France, Italy, Japan and Russia. Stockists include the Centre Pompidou (Paris), Skandium (London), La Pedrera/Gaudi Museum (Barcelona), MAK Museum (Vienna), Mudam Museum (Luxembourg) and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Humlebæk, Denmark).Every OLA jewelry piece starts with a creative design on paper. That idea becomes a computer file that embarks on a journey through a 3d printer. The jewelry is created from powder, printed layer by layer and hardened by a laser, until the shape is completely formed. Each OLA jewelry piece is individually polished for comfort and finished by hand. The technology enables the use of new materials to make extraordinary and unique creations. OLA stands for innovative, inventive, colorful and unique."

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