Two 3D Printing hobbyists found out that, 3D printing is not as it should be for every enthusiasts.​They found out that not all printers are created equal. In fact there is a huge difference between them in capabilities and quality, even in the same price range. ​ But worse, not all materials are created equal. Even within the same category, say filaments or resins, there can be huge quality and price differences.​So, having a printer and choosing the right one for printing need was easy.​ But, choosing the right material, which performs just the way it is supposed to be and every time they needed it...That was challenging, way beyond.​Especially when it came to ultimate details and continous performance.​They were lucky!One of them holding a M.Sc. In Mechanical Engineering and the other holding a Ph.D. In Materials Engineering, they designed custom production procedures and a team of professionals consisting of chemists and material scientists to develop answers for all 3D Printing needs for everyone in the community.Since then, Oo-kuma materials is well known through 3D Printing hobbyists, enthusiasts and industrial customers all around the globe.

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