Open Bionics

OpenΒionics is an open-source initiative for the development of affordable, light-weight, modular robot hands and prosthetic devices, that can be easily reproduced using off-the-shelf materials. Our robot hands cost less that 100$ and weigh less than 200gr while our new anthropomorphic prosthetic hand costs less than 200$ and weighs less than 300gr. All files required for the replication of our hands, can also be found in our GitHub repository: OpenBionics GitHub RepositoryThis initiative is inspired by the Yale Open Hand Project.The OpenBionics initiative was initiated via the support of the European Commission through the Integrated Project no. 248587, “THE Hand Embodied” (2010-2014), within the FP7-ICT-2009-4-2-1 program Cognitive Systems and Robotics.Minas Liarokapis Postdoctoral Associate, Grab Lab, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA. Agisilaos Zisimatos, Undergraduate Student, Control Systems Lab, NTUA, Greece. Christoforos Mavrogiannis PhD Student, Sibley School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University, USA. George Kontoudis Undergrad, Control Systems Lab, Sch. of Mechanical Eng., NTUA, Greece. For any inquiry and/or suggestion you may contact: Minas Liarokapis.School of Mechanical Engineering – National Technical University of Athens. Advisor: Prof. Kostas J. Kyriakopoulos, National Technical University of Athens, Greece.

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