Orbbec is a scientific group specifies in 3D measurement and Artificial Intelligence. Core group members of Orbbec have been working with high accuracy 3D measurement systems, such as structured light, stereo vision and holography for about 10 years. Orbbec's conventional service target was scientific and industrial field. About 500 articles have been published by Orbbec group during the past 10 years.

Realizing the 3D tech that serves as the fundamental of artificial intelligence which may greatly change our world. Orbbec group started to devote them to consumer 3D sensor as well as human level artificial intelligence. During the past 2 years, Orbbec has developed its own 3D computational chip as well as a 3D sensor. An intelligent RGB-D recognition has been build and, Orbbec middleware and SDK  will be released in the follow few months.

Our Task:

Orbbec's main task is to provide high performance 3D solution to all kinds of smart products thus bring 3D technology to people's daily life.

Our Culture:

We are developers and researchers: all our products are designed to have world leading performance as well as maximized flexibility and compatibility. 

Range of Services

  • AI

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