Paradigm 3D

"Paradigm 3D is the First Digital Factory of the Future in the Middle East dedicated to supplying 3D printing services for low-volume and customized production. The company is at the forefront of the paradigm shift in manufacturing away from the traditional mass production line factory to the latest ‘on the fly manufacturing‘ to create innovative local goods in the digital age with best service.A member of the Global Direct Digital Manufacturing Network, Paradigm 3D is part of a world-wide alliance of experienced direct digital factories that are using 3D Printers to provide cost-effective, functional prototypes, manufacturing tools and durable end-use parts, directly from 3D CAD design data.3D Printing (also referred to as Additive Manufacturing or Direct Digital Manufacturing) provides completely new ways to create products without the restrictions of traditional manufacturing, so that more innovative products can be produced – on-demand.For low-volume production of durable parts, and spares in a variety of materials 3D Printing can provide very rapid production, without the need for expensive tooling, saving time and money. On the fly manufacturing can be essential for industries than need to reduce down-time or quickly respond to customer needs."

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