Poietis is a biotechnology company whose mission is to support Researchers and Physicians in the emergence of personalized medicine by providing innovative solutions based on 4D Bioimprinting technology of biological tissues .Incubated in the Incubateur Régional d''Aquitaine (Aquitaine Regional Incubator) between 2012 and 2014, and winner of the 2014 ILab Contest (French National Competition for Innovative start-up Creation of the Ministry of Research, Creation-Development category), Poietis is the result of nearly ten years of research at the INSERM and the Bordeaux University on the development of new approaches of tissue engineering.As a young and innovative company, Poietis, created in September 2014, obtained from the University of Bordeaux, INSERM and the SATT Aquitaine Science Transfert® office the exclusive worldwide license on patents associated with the Laser-Assisted Bioimprinting technology (more info here).

Laser-Assisted Bioprinting

The development and manufacture of biological tissues are major socio-economic issues valued at 15 billion dollars in 2014 and is expected to double by 2018. Applications of these tissues concern both the industrial sector (cosmetics and pharmaceuticals) and regenerative medicine.To cope with the limitations of conventional methods of tissue engineering, BioPrinting uses the principles of 3D printing, and so proceeds from the assembly layer – by – layer, of the constituents of the biological tissues(such as cells and the extracellular matrix ) in organizations (patterns) predefined by digital design.Laser-Assisted Bioprinting, as opposed to the conventional methods of tissue engineering and extrusion-based bioprinting, allows 3D positioning of cells with micrometric resolution and unmatched precision. It currently is the highest resolution bioprinting technology.

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